White Oak Hardwood Flooring

White Oak hardwood flooring is known and admired for its strength, durability and natural beauty. It is the most common type of wood flooring in the United States. There is often a choice between Red Oak and White Oak. This is a matter of personal opinion and whether the homeowner prefers red tones over white tones. White Oak hardwood flooring possesses a certain quality that should take a closer look.


The White Oak has a very unique coloring. It ranges from almost white to tans and browns. The soft colors make the room feel light and airy, calm and serene. In a formal setting, the light and airy feel turns into a look of great elegance, but in a modern setting, it looks very casual.

Because the rings grow slowly on a White Oak tree, the grain pattern is straight and gives the floor a satiny, smooth texture that is more uniform and less busy than the Red Oak. The surface is also distinguished by longer lines that add to the attractiveness of the White Oak.

The White Oak is very durable. White Oak is a great option for high traffic areas, like entryways, hallways, and kitchens. Its durability means it can withstand the possibility of dents and dings.  White Oak has always been in style and it durability makes it a great candidate for hardwood flooring.