Natural Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Hickory hardwood flooring is known for its way to make a bold statement. It is available is rustic and distressed looks that add character to you home. Hickory hardwood flooring is also very durable and makes it a perfect choice for areas with high foot traffic.


Color for Hickory hardwood flooring can range from creamy whites to medium browns. It is distinguished by extreme contrasts of light and dark colors. It is a dramatic natural look. Hickory is one of the most versatile floors that we make.

Hickory is tough and handsome, with a tensile strength that rivals things such as steel and has a surface appearance admired by many. Hickory is most popular in wider planks because more narrow strips look pretty busy with all the unique graining and variation.

This Hickory hardwood flooring is of natural grade. This means that the flooring contains very distinct variations in coloration and varying wood characters.  Natural grade will have a longer than average plank length.