Mahogany Hardwood Flooring

Mahogany hardwood flooring comes from tree in Latin America. It is a large canopy tree that reaches extreme heights and makes for extremely beautiful flooring that is becoming increasingly rare due to the fact that that it is rising in popularity. It is a great investment if you want to increase the value of your home.

Mahogany has a large amount of color differences from a yellowish, pinkish, or reddish color to a reddish brown color. Its color will become richer over time with exposure to light. Mahogany’s texture ranges from fine to medium, so it will rarely feel coarse or rough. The grains of this wood interlock, but the grains can be either straight or wavy. This hardwood will take polish very easily and will accept high luster.
Mahogany is known for its strength and beauty, and it has outstanding durability. Every type of mahogany has a difference in strength and durability, so make sure you get the type that is going to last longer against wear and tear.