Character Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

True “Northern Red Oak” is one of the most sought-after species when grain consistency and color uniformity are desired. It represents an ideal floor option for nearly any project, contemporary, or traditional.


This specie has a very tighter grain pattern with less variation in color than other oak species. The light caramel color to wheat color of the heartwood provides a warm, uniform appearance that adds richness and elegance to any room.

The hardness of the wood will make it able to withstand anything that you can throw or drop on it. It is also very easy to clean and take care of. Red Oak is a very dense wood with a broad, pronounces and dramatic grain.

When the Red Oak is character grade, it produces the most unique color variations of many flooring products. With a large difference between the heartwood and sapwood colors, the color differences and character marks found in the natural grade of this floor create stimulating distinction and helps define a room’s nature.