American Cherry Hardwood Flooring

When you have made the decision to use hardwood flooring, it is then time to choose which species of wood is right for your specific use. There are issues of both function and aesthetics that need to be taken into account. For instance, light wood may be more appropriate for a casual setting, while dark wood lends itself to more formal surroundings. There are no real rules that govern which wood you should choose.


Essentially, each type of hardwood floor has its place. American Cherry hardwood flooring is not an exception. Cherry hardwood has held an important place in American history as it was the favored wood for many of the finest early American furniture pieces and interior panels because it could be polished to a deep burgundy.

As a flooring material, Cherry Hardwood is also unique in that as it ages, its lustrous hues will deepen and darken a bit more than will other hardwoods and will ultimately mature to a rich auburn color. The subtle, but distinctive flowing grain patterns and uniquely inviting warmth make Cherry a popular choice.

It should be noted that because American Cherry hardwood flooring is a softer wood than other available options, cherry isn’t often used for a whole floor. It makes an excellent decorative or accent wood, and brings a truly unique character to any room.