About Karlson Hardwood, St. Louis, MO

Karlson Hardwood Floors was established in 2008 with the vision of creating beautiful and affordable hardwood flooring for hardworking Americans, just like ourselves. We use the highest quality wood available to create elegant and timeless looks that you and your family will cherish. Since our family’s humble beginnings into the floor covering industry over 50 years ago, we have remained focused on producing the highest quality products available. Karlson Hardwood Floors are made from natural resources that are harvested, milled and finished in the United States.

Quality is often times taken for granted or just expected to be acceptable no matter the price or the country of origin. At Karlson Hardwood Floors, every product we produce is inspected at multiple stages of the production and finishing process. We are proud to offer the finest in custom designed stair parts and most architectural wood products. We are committed to producing the very best products available in American manufacturing. By purchasing your flooring, stair parts and other wood products from Karlson Hardwood Floors, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to keep Americans working.

About Keith Ritter, President & CEO

In March of 2002, I made a decision to leave the corrugated packaging industry and joined the company my father had spent his life helping to build.  In my first position with the company I was the District Sales Manager for the Southeastern United States.  I traveled and worked with flooring distributors and dealers across 13 states from Arkansas to Virginia to Miami,Florida.   Over the next 3 years I was promoted to Director of National Accounts Tarkett  in North America.  This included Tarkett Wood (my start into the wood flooring industry), Domco by Tarkett, Tarkett Commercial, Azrock Commercial, Nafco by Tarkett and Tarkett Residential.  I was responsible for managing all of our National Accounts for N. America.  After 5 years working for manufacturers, I joined Abbey Carpet and Floor as the hard surface merchandising and product manager for the entire network of dealers.  This experience allowed me to learn how manufacturers can help dealers and these are practices that we have put to work within our company Karlson Hardwood Floors brand.

Our History

In October 2008, I began putting together a plan for a hardwood flooring company while weighing the pro’s and con’s of leaving my job with my current employer to venture out on my own during the worst economic times we had seen since the great depression.  It was a very difficult decision to weigh out, especially during these economically challenging times, however, I wanted to be apart of creating something that would help to rebuild America and produce the best available wood flooring and related products in North America.

Karlson Hardwood Floors has grown from a vision in 2008 to a growing family owned company in 2013.  We offer protected territories and relationships with our dealers and distributors across North America.  I believe relationships and honesty with our dealers and partners across the United States and Canada will continue to help both Karlson Hardwood Floors and our exclusive dealer network become one of the best known flooring producers in N. America over the next few years.  Our mission has always been the same:  To offer unique and affordable products to our customers, while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in manufacturing and quality.  We believe in supporting our country, our family, and the qualities that helped us to become such a great Nation.  Karlson Hardwood Floors will always be focused on being apart of the solution, rather than being apart of the problem.

As a family owned company, we are committed to offering unique and affordable wood floors to our customers, while maintaining our high standards of excellence as a manufacturer. Contact us at contact@karlsonshardwood.com or by phone at 404.422.2264 for more information.

Keith Ritter